2 Orphan Calves arrive at our Rehabilitation Centre

It was one year ago today that the foundations were laid for the Rhino Revolution Rehabilitation Centre.

The centre, which was officially opened in early September, now has 2 rhino orphans at the facility.

This first calf into our facility will be named by the children of Kings’ Al Barsha School in Dubai who have committed to supporting its care for the next three years.  “This is a pioneering example of education combined with good conservation practice”, says Patsy Stagman of Rhino Conservation Dubai.

The calves are both doing well and socializing through the poles of their adjacent enclosures. They are under the careful watch of a volunteer registered veterinary nurse.

The Rhino Revolution Rehabilitation Centre is rehabilitating the calves in such a way that they have minimal interaction with humans so that they can be successfully returned to the wild.

We would like to thank everyone involved. For regular updates, follow us on Facebook or visit us on www.rhinorevolution.org.