And then there were 3

Here is another lovely moment in which we were pleased to catch on film so that we could share it with you all.

Since our baby girl was introduced to the boys she has been making progress at finding her place in the crash. It has taken her a few days to remember all her Rhino manners and remember that you can knock your two legged mummies and nothing happens but when you play rough with other baby Rhinos they will play back.

At first our little princess wasn’t sure about the boys’ boisterous natures after being so poorly for so long and wrapped in cotton wool by her human mummies. She became a little precious and cheeky with the boys but after lots of reassurance and a natural draw to want to get involved with all the fun that the boys are having, all has settled. The boys also had to learn that they could not be as rough with the little girl as they are with each other.

As you can see now they are having a ball in the wallow and she is still cheeky using the big guy’s horn as a scratching post.