USA Joins the Revolution

Last month after being invited to present at some US universities and visit some American zoos it became clear that America wanted to be part of finding a solution to the rhino crisis. We have responded and we are grateful.

This month saw the launch of RR-USA ! After only a couple of weeks we already have a diverse and enthusiastic group of more than 30 active volunteers, a page reach of 9,000 and their own RR-USA t-shirts are being printed !

Here at Rhino Revolution we know that without both global awareness of the problems that we are facing and education from children upwards on best conservation practices, we can never win our on going war to save our rhinos for the next generation.

Please take a look and “like” and share for our wonderful supporters and crusaders in America. Thank you for joining our battle!!

Patsy Stagman, International Development Manager for Rhino Revolution.