Financial Performance

We have donated $103,000 to the Anti-Poaching teams including vehicles, equipment and operational expenses, $47,000 on the Green Kidz programme, spent $83,000 building the Rhino Orphanage and a further $45,000 equipping it and providing food and care for the rhino orphans.  

Our target for the next year is $500,000

Please help us reach our goal!


Allocation of Funds



R28,445 was spent on improving  awareness by creating our Rhino Revolution logo and with billboards.


R108,798 was spent on building the Rhino Orphanage and is expected to rise to around R230,000.

Anti Poaching

R736,835 was spent on our primary objective of supporting of our anti-poaching teams with Rhino casualties still being experienced across the Lowveld region this year.


R355,218 was spent on education projects supporting the Greenkidz Soccer Tournaments as well as to provide a new Toyota Quantum for the Greenkidz project.

Cost of Sales

R200,222 went to buying Rhino Revolution clothing, providing food and accommodation for the de-horning guests and a further R4,595 was spent on bank charges.


Anti-Poaching Support

With Rhino casualties still being experienced across the Lowveld region this year, financial support of our anti-poaching teams has remained our top priority.


Distribution of Anti-Poaching Funds

Support to the Blue Canyon Conservancy Anti-Poaching unit

New Anti-Poaching vehicle (Toyota Hilux) for Blue Canyon Anti-Poaching Unit

Radios for Blue Canyon Guards

Rifles, hand guns and ammunition for Blue Canyon anti-poaching team

Solar power installation at Essem Camp Blue Canyon Conservancy

Night Vision equipment for Hoedspruit Farm Watch

Refurbishing anti-poaching vehicle for Balule Black Mamba Team and providing a GPS system

Paying for the BCC Rhino De-Horning Programme

Community Cash Awards

Fuel for the Blue Canyon Anti-Poaching vehicle