Phil Ovens

Chairman of Rhino Revolution and Trustee

Phil Ovens spent 40 years in the corporate world, with his career culminating as Managing Director of Pepperdew.  He has considerable business, management and financial skills. 

Phil Ovens

On retiring he moved to Hoedspruit, and has now taken over as Chair of Rhino Revolution, in the hopes that he can make a small contribution towards the survival of this iconic African species. Phil gives his time and expertise on a pro-bono basis.

Terry Rawlings

Financial and Programme manager

Formerly the Sales and Marketing Director at an IT company in the UK, Terry moved to Hoedspruit when he retired in 2006. He joined the Rhino Revolution team in 2013, and is responsible for managing Rhino Revolution’s finances and other programmes. Terry works on a pro-bono basis.

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Harriet Nimmo

Fundraising and Marketing & Communications

In her previous life in the UK, Harriet was CEO of the international conservation communications NGO, Wildscreen, and was responsible for founding, the digital global databank of films and photos of endangered species.

Her expertise includes marketing & communications, fundraising and strategic partnership building - and she has an extensive network of conservation, fundraising and media contacts. Harriet has been assisting Rhino Revolution with their strategic development, fundraising and marcomms since she relocated to Hoedspruit in 2015.

Sarah Dawn Berg

Green Kidz

Sarah Dawn Berg is the founder and CEO of Nourish, a non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting local communities through holistic and sustainable community development projects.  Through Nourish Sarah runs the Green Kidz programme, supported by Rhino Revolution. Green Kidz is focused on bringing environmental education to children in rural communities and schools which are marginalised, outside the borders of the Kruger Park and private game reserves.


Many of these children have no understanding or concept of their wildlife heritage and through a holistic framework of eco schools, conservation field trips and weekly environmental education classes we bring these children an introduction and understanding of their wildlife heritage. 

Security Staff

Environmental Monitors and 24 hour armed Security Staff

Rhino Revolution’s Orphanage and Rehabilitation centre also has two Environmental Monitors and 24 hour armed security.  They are a huge part of the day to day running, and crucial members of the orphanage team, but for their safety and their family's safety, they have asked not to be mentioned by name or for their photographs to be included.

Trevor Jordan

Co-founder and Former Trustee

Frustrated by the lack of help and funding for the private rhino owners, Trevor Jordan founded Rhino Revolution in August 2011.  Prompted by a spate of rhino poaching incidents in the Hoedspruit area, Trevor with his son Patrick, formed the action group, calling on members of the community to assist in protecting and monitoring the rhino remaining in the Hoedspruit area. Trevor retired from the board in April 2017.

As Rhino Revolution gained momentum, Trevor was approached by world renowned wildlife rehabilitation expert Karen Trendler to establish an orphanage and rehabilitation centre for orphaned calves in the region. With a team of dedicated supporters, Trevor embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise enough money to build the state of the art facility that has become known as ‘the benchmark of rehabilitation centres’. Trevor also donated the land on which the facility has been built. 

Anna Mussi

Veterinary ASSISTANT

Originally from the UK, Anna arrived in South Africa in 2010 to work with African Dream Horse Safaris. Combining her love for horses with the visceral rawness of the South African bush, she knew that this is where she wanted to be. In 2014 she started working with Dr Peter Rogers at his practice, ProVet Wildlife Services. There followed 4 years working with three incredible veterinarians, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience of surgical procedures, emergency and routine healthcare and  laboratory testing for various small animals as well as wildlife. With a background in Horse Racing, she has followed Rhino Revolution’s Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit closely and jumped at the chance to join the team at the beginning of the year (2019).

Anna pic.png

Iain Andrew


Iain is Divisional Senior Vice President of dnata Travel. Dnata is one of the largest suppliers of combined air services in the world, head quartered in Dubai. Iain is responsible for all aspects of dnata's travel business across 7 countries in the Middle East.

Iain joined the Emirates Group in December 2005 and was promoted to Divisional Senior Vice President in 2007. Before joining dnata he was employed by Unipart, Thomas Cook, American Express and Air 2000 in a number of IT, finance and management roles. He has been a supporter of Rhino Revolution since its inception and has raised significant funding for its activities.

Phillip Vivier


Phillip has worked in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue since 2013.  He has since worked in various facilities with all sort of animals; from baby birds, to antelope and big cats. He feels privileged to have cared for so many different species; more than most people see in their lifetime.
He originally wanted to study nature guiding but part of his studies was wildlife rehabilitation. He fell completely in love with this and changed his course of study to rehabilitation; making it his mission in life to save as many animals as possible, creating a balanced environment.
He joined the Rhino Revolution team in December of 2018.


Patsy Stagman

International Development Manager, and Trustee

Patsy has lived all over the world, but her home in Kruger National Park and her passionate love of wild Africa, has remained a steady theme. She is a firm believer in the importance of education and awareness in conservation and that the future of Africa’s wildlife lies in the hands of all of the people on our planet.


Whilst living in Dubai Patsy founded Rhino Revolution Dubai – raising valuable funds and support and catalysing a major corporate sponsor.  She has also founded networks of supporters in Australia and the USA, and now that she has relocated to the UK, she is building support for Rhino Revolution UK. Patsy very kindly works on a pro-bono basis.

Patrick Jordan

Co-founder and former Trustee

Growing up surrounded by the African Bushveld, he and his father founded Rhino Revolution. Frustrated by the lack of efforts on the ground they started with a drive to show action, solidarity and a concerted drive to turn things around within the Hoedspruit community and, by setting an example, the rest of Southern Africa.

His love for the bushveld and these animals has only grown stronger since and with that, his commitment to ensure that they are protected for future generations.