Our Unique 3 Step Plan

Rhino Revolution is tackling the escalating rhino poaching crisis with a unique three pronged approach, through:

  1. implementing tough and innovative anti-poaching measures today;
  2. rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned calves for future release;
  3. educating and inspiring the young people of the impoverished, local communities – the conservationists of tomorrow.

Supporting anti-poaching measures

We fund and support a number of anti-poaching activities on the private reserves in the Greater Kruger Area. 


These include refurbishing the anti-poaching vehicle and providing a GPS system for the Balule Black Mamba Team, providing night vision equipment for Hoedspruit Farm Watch, providing a new anti-poaching vehicle for Blue Canyon Anti-Poaching Unit together with radios, weapons and ammunition and, installing solar power at the Essem Scout Camp.  

Rhino Revolution also funds dehorning of rhino. Although this does not provide a long-term solution, we believe it deters poaching activity, particularly when it is publicised that the reserve has de-horned its rhino. 

Uniquely, we also use ex race-horses for anti-poaching patrols, as the mounted guards can reach areas inaccessible to vehicles, quickly and silently and efficiently look out for any signs of criminal intent from the elevated field of vision that horseback patrols offer.

Rhino Orphanage and Hospital

At the request of wildlife rehabilitation expert Karen Trendler, the team at Rhino Revolution embarked on an ambitious project to raise the funds to build and establish a world class rhino rehabilitation facility. 


This facility provides the orphans with a chance to overcome the trauma of a poaching incident, in a protected environment. 

Within hours of capture, the Rhino Revolution team will have a traumatised animal housed in a safe environment with the appropriate veterinary care. 

Our in-house registered RCVS trained veterinary nurses, Jade Aldridge and Natalie Rogers work under guidance from the relevant local big game veterinarians. 

We have the use of a rhino ambulance kindly made available by OSCAP/Protrack to transport calves.

Our aim is to raise the orphans to be released back into the wild as undomesticated, self-sustaining animals. To achieve our mission, minimal human interference is crucial, and the orphanage is not open to the public. 

We therefore cannot rely on funding by using the orphanage as a paid tourist attraction. 

The facility is highly secure, situated within the Blue Canyon Conservancy, with electric fencing, lighting, intruder alarm systems and watch towers with 24 hour armed guards.

CCTV is installed – enabling “adopt-a rhino” sponsors to stay updated with news of “their” calf, via video feeds, as well as encouraging global support and engagement, and providing valuable security benefits.

Educating & Inspiring Future Conservationists

Rhino Revolution believes that a key way to stop poaching in the marginalised areas surrounding the Greater Kruger Area is by working alongside the local communities to address education needs and assist in sustainable poverty alleviation. 

So many of the young people living on Kruger’s doorstep have never had the opportunity to visit a park or game reserve, see wild animals, or understand the livelihood opportunities from tourism. 

The goal of Green Kidz is to educate young learners about environmental issues, and inspire them to become environmental leaders and ambassadors for nature - through having fun whilst learning, and broadening their horizons and aspirations. 

Activities include –

Environmental Education in the classroom, through weekly EE engagement and classes (currently at 7 different local government primary schools)

Conservation based field trips for groups of young learners to experience immersive learning in a natural environment. Rhino Revolution has funded a bus to transport the local students into the game reserves.