Rhino Revolution UK

Rhino Revolution now has a UK registered charity (NPO 1178155).

Launched in York in January 2017, Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. makes grants, provides advice and raises awareness to promote, sustain and increase knowledge and understanding of Africa’s endangered and threatened species, including rhino and pangolins.

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Fraser Henderson

Fraser Henderson

Rhino Revolution has an active members group and organises a number of fundraising and awareness raising activities throughout the year.

To find out more see www.rhinorevolution.org.uk or contact info@rhinorevolution.org.uk

If you are a UK resident and would like to make a donation, please see link:


Patsy Stagman

Patsy Stagman


Rhino Revolution Dubai

In February 2014 we had an opportunity to visit Dubai and address a large audience on the work we've undertaken in Hoedspruit, South Africa. The people of Dubai rallied around us and turned up in droves to learn first-hand of the scale of the problem we constantly face and to generate much needed funding of which every cent has been spent on making a difference for the future of the Rhino in South Africa.

Unlike most international audiences however the people of Dubai did not just stop there. Patsy Stagman convened an action group and set up a working party involving the students at JESS (Premier English school in Dubai) and other concerned members of the Dubai public.

Now, thanks to Patsy’s efforts, the first orphaned calf that arrived at our orphanage, has been adopted by Kings School, Al Barsha Dubai. They have named this calf Ubuntu and have committed to raise $12,000 a year for its upkeep.

The people of Dubai have shown that the rest of the world does care and confirmed our belief that together we truly can make a difference.

A year on and the momentum continues to grow with Dubai corporations stepping up and providing ongoing support to our projects and much needed time and skills donated by media and advertising companies to sharpen the message and raise the level of awareness on the plight of our Rhinos in the wild.

Because of the Dubai teams efforts, the Hoedspruit community children have benefited from conservation and sports programmes, poachers have been apprehended using equipment they provided and most importantly, Rhinos lives have been saved because they care enough to get involved.



Going Global

It's our policy to set up Rhino Revolution in as many different parts of the world as possible in order to involve the entire planet in saving their inheritance. Patsy Stagman, our International Development Manager, is always keen to hear from anyone who wants to get involved and is currently working her way around the world to increase awareness and support new Rhino Revolution start-ups and initiatives.

Follow Patsy and her team on Facebook or get in touch via email.



How to help

As our first overseas representative branch, Rhino Revolution Dubai have shown us just how crucial international support really is in keeping our Rhino safe from poaching and our communities uplifted and involved.