Going, Going... Gone?


Made of the same protein as our hair and fingernails, Rhino are being killed for their horns to be sold on the black market - by weight for as much as gold - and used for ornamental or traditional medicinal purposes.

Rhino poaching has now reached a crisis point (1,215 killed in 2014 compared to just 13 in 2007) and if the killing continues at this rate, rhino deaths will start to overtake rhino births in 2016-2018, meaning they could go extinct in the very near future. 

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Rhino Orphanage

With the rise of rhino casualties we responded to the need for a world class natal unit and rehabilitation facility which we opened in September 2015.

Adoption Info

Meet some of our orphaned calves and to learn more about how you can help us care for them and enable them to be released back into the wild.

Photo Gallery

An incredible collection of Rhino portraits and documented accounts and experiences of those who've helped save and care for our Rhino.